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Announcing MoonGazers: Reach for the Moon Through Engaging Gameplay and Hands-on Activities

Dated Posted: 3/25/2011

Turn your students into MoonGazers or become a MoonGazer yourself!

Use the Internet, award-winning videogame Selene, and virtual world MoonWorld to learn the solar system’s basic geological processes. Blast away at what will quickly become a full-fledged, pockmarked moon like our own; follow with hands-on activities; and go outside to explore the Moon. Young people and adults develop MoonGazer skills through a sequence of teaching and learning opportunities.

Selene: A Lunar Construction GaME. Players age 9 and up discover and apply basic planetary geology concepts as they form the Earth’s Moon and change it to replicate its 4.5 billion year history. Read more about Selene.

MoonWorld. Players age 9 and up apply those principles as they work in teams of four conducting virtual field work on the surface of a moon. Read more about MoonWorld.

Prepared with new knowledge that makes Moon viewing meaningful, learners complete MoonGazers hands-on activities for observing the Earth's Moon within the context of the Earth, Moon, Sun system.
Watch us! Watch feature news stories about Selene, MoonWorld, and MoonGazers.
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